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Top 10 Telecom Billing Solutions Companies - 2022

A flurry of advanced billing technologies in the telecom industry is propelling service providers to elevate customer satisfaction and innovation to the next level. However, telecom billing is highly complex; the right blend of flexibility and agility enables telecom companies to provide customers with state-ofthe-art solutions tailored to their unique needs.

As per a report from, the telecom billing market was valued at $11.5mn in 2020 and is expected to reach $25.7mn by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 10.53 percent between 2021-2028.

This prolific growth can be attributed to the increasing number of innovative tech-enabled billing solutions developed for businesses that demand reliable bandwidth, delivered seamlessly, tailored to their specific needs, and offered at a competitive price.

The gradual shift from billing software deployed as a traditional desktop application to web-based applications hosted in the cloud has equipped telecom companies with increased mobility, high availability, and robust disaster recovery. At the same time, SIP-based telephony has emerged as a game-changer, making it imperative for billing platforms to provide comprehensive reporting to identify unprofitable customers and services.

This edition of Telecom Tech Outlook delivers a bird’seye view of the recent developments in the telecom billing arena and insights into how companies are aligning with these trends to provide enhanced telecom billing solutions to customers.

We have curated thought leadership articles from industry experts, including the Service Delivery Director of Voice Communications-Americas at BT and the Sourcing Manager at Verizon. We also took a deep dive into the market trends to narrow down the list of companies delivering robust telecom billing solutions. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, the enlisted solution providers, such as Prepay Nation, Profitec, and RecVue, help transform businesses at the cloverleaf of various disruptive technologies.

We hope this edition of Telecom Tech Outlook on telecom billing helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster an environment driven by efficient technology.

    Top Telecom Billing Solutions Companies

  • By giving diasporas worldwide convenient access to their homeland brands via multiple touchpoints in their country of residence, Prepay Nation opens international revenue avenues for brands.

  • Since the early 1980s, the company has provided billing and related services to the resale industry as a privately held, family-owned business. Profitec has since provided support to a wide range of communication businesses, from the largest carriers to smaller start-ups. The company’s approach to assisting clients is reminiscent of its extensive growth and consistent delivery of service to its clients. It provides clients with an all-inclusive solution that requires no additional costs upon implementation, regardless of what carrier formats they have.

  • RecVue empowers large enterprises to accelerate growth and profitability in today’s digital economy by monetizing any revenue model at scale. Trusted by the world’s leading companies in various industries including business services, transportation and logistics, healthcare, hospitality, energy and utilities, financial services, telecom, media and high tech, RecVue Agile Monetization Platform (RAMP360) is built for maximum flexibility, auditability and scalability.

  • Aria Systems

    Aria Systems

    Aria provides a cloud-based monetization platform to help enterprises grow recurring revenue businesses with an agile billing system

  • CSG International

    CSG International

    CSG is a leader in innovative customer engagement, revenue management and payments solutions that make ordinary customer experiences extraordinary

  • Gotransverse


    Gotransverse provides cloud-based software that enables companies to operate as a subscription business model, including the often challenging aspects of usage-based pricing and monetization at massive scale

  • IDI Billing Solutions

    IDI Billing Solutions

    IDI Billing Solutions is a leading provider of Billing, Automation and Workflow solutions for the telecommunications industry

  • Intracom Telecom

    Intracom Telecom

    Intracom Telecom is a global telecommunication systems & solutions vendor operating for over 40 years in the market

  • Netcracker


    NetCracker Technology is the leading global Solution Company enabling Service Providers to deliver rapidly and manage effectively

  • Oracle


    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers higher performance, security, and cost savings