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Top 10 Telecom Billing and Revenue Management Solution Companies - 2019

Ever since Graham Bell invented the telephone and changed the way the world would communicate with each other, the telecom industry has been continuously evolving. Over the years, communication devices have come in all shapes and sizes, and are now small enough to be carried around in people’s pockets. Communication service providers (CSP) across the world are seeing an increase in the number of subscribers, and this is causing issues such as call drops and network congestion.

Therefore, in order to curb these problems users have begun demanding CSPs to deploy an effective and efficient billing and revenue management system. The platforms will allow telecom service providers to launch the latest services in the market that will enhance customer relationships, and create a sense of harmony between the end-users and the service provider. The utilization of software-as-a-service (SaaS) to leverage these solutions to CSPs is a latest trend that has emerged in the market.

The players in the telecom industry can use these software solutions to detect and manage issues in the spectrum, and eventually this results in a decrease in operational costs. The tech-enabled programs can also assist CSPs increase their revenue by correcting problems and deploying new measures to optimize network visibility, and service.

With the aim to assist telecommunication companies find suitable telecom billing and revenue management solution providers, the editorial board of Telecom Tech Outlook along with a distinguished panel of eminent CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, and analysts have assessed several solution providers and shortlisted the few that are distinctively prominent in the industry.

We present to you, Our “Top 10 Telecom Billing and Revenue Management Solution Providers 2019”.

    Top Telecom Billing and Revenue Management Solution Companies

  • Amdocs Kenan is an open and efficient solution which tightly couples customer care, ordering and billing to reduce deployment time and risk. Amdocs Kenan’s agile platform skillfully handles complex revenue management for customers by delivering any combination of voice, video, messaging, content or Internet Protocol (IP) for complex B2B customers or traditional B2C services. With a modern and fully virtualized platform, an innovative architecture unifying sales, marketing, customer management, and charging and billing around a single data model, the newest release of Amdocs C1 offers customers pre-integrated policy management, making it even more effective to stay ahead of the competition and profit in the digital era

  • Emida offers an array of point-of- sale solutions including its web-based sales portal called “InstaPay” as well as SMS-based terminals, USSD-based applications for handsets, and solutions for Android, iPhone, and Verifone. InstaPay Portal is Emida’s premier, best-in-class POS solution that is web-based and operates on any modern web browser. With a contemporary look and simple design, the portal includes a rich feature set. Emida’s API allows customers to integrate Emida’s platform to their own POS solutions, including kiosks, bank terminals, cash registers, ecommerce sites, etc. Emida’s Token Top-Up enables easier, quicker, and more secure transactions

  • Global Voice Group (GVG) provides developing and emerging countries with innovative IT tax and telecom governance solutions. Global Voice Group is an internationally recognized specialist in the development and implementation of ICT solutions for good governance, revenue assurance, and compliance monitoring. GVG provides its solutions and technologies under a white label format to companies that resell them around the world. GVG selects resellers who share its vision and demonstrate the required independence to provide governments and agencies with solutions aimed at auditing and monitoring the telecom industry and other sectors

  • One Touch Tech Solutions Is a leader in technology solutions and services that has currently partnered with 100+ global corporations. Their Business IT solution help clients to run their businesses more efficiently and smartly

  • SpyGlass provides risk-free telecom audit to find errors and overcharges in the client's telecom billing. SpyGlass's dedicated telecom expense consultants comb through the client's bills, contracts, usage reports, and customer service records to find errors, overcharges, and inefficiencies that can be corrected to save money. SpyGlass keeps the telecom providers from taking more than they should. The company prevents customers and their businesses from being overcharged in their telecom billing with the help of their telecom expense management experts. SpyGlass works behind the scenes to find ways to save clients' money without disrupting their workflow

  • Communications Data Group

    Communications Data Group

    Communications Data Group (CDG) offers scalable, accurate billing and operational support solutions for voice, video and data for retail and wholesale telecommunications carriers and service providers. Options include: BDS, Interconnect, CABS, Mediation, Customer Care, Plant, Trouble, Service Provisioning, E-Care, Task Management and third-party financial, mapping and facilities management products. Service bureau, online and licensed options are available. CDG’s end-user subscriber and enterprise account management and invoicing solution, MBS, is a highly flexible, full-service modular B/OSS system for billing and managing telecommunications and non-telecom services. MBS allows limitless account and service compositions for single- or multi-line residential, convergent billing subscriber or large business and enterprise accounts

  • IDI Billing

    IDI Billing

    IDI Billing Solutions is a leading provider of billing, automation and workflow solutions for the communications industry. IDI's Billing as a Service includes the award-winning CostGuard application, expert back-office and professional services, and a highly secure cloud-hosted platform. Together, these complementary services offer CSPs the tools to quickly monetize their services and streamline operations related to selling, activating and billing customers. IDI delivers a premier and trusted partnership with a proven return on investment for growth-oriented businesses engaged in wireline, fiber, mobile, MVNO, cloud and convergent markets



    MIND is a leading provider of convergent real-time end-to-end billing and customer care product based solutions as well as unified communication call accounting and analytics solutions for organizations and large multinational corporates. The company was founded in 1995 with a vision to provide comprehensive yet flexible, ready for deployment solutions to any telecommunication service. MIND delivers its applications in any business model (license, SaaS, managed service or complete outsourced service) to enable its customers to choose the best model that fits their needs

  • dedicates to providing a secure, reliable, and flexible telecom and IoT billing platform where users can seamlessly manage their customer relationships. Whether in the growth stage or an established enterprise, the company's goal is to help clients innovate and scale while using the best billing solution available. exists to help clients thrive and gives them access to the most innovative billing solutions paired with extraordinary service.'s next generation, hybrid cloud infrastructure works behind-the-scenes 24/7 to keep the client moving forward

  • Sage Management

    Sage Management

    Established in 2004, Sage Management provides telecom software driven solutions to large carriers, enterprises and government agencies.Sage Management's core competencies allow customers to manage mergers and acquisitions, normalize different data streams, identify stranded assets and facilitate future network migration and planning activities. The company provides the right tools to achieve and maintain an optimal inventory. Sage Management's cutting-edge technology, built on big data and machine learning architectures, enable companies to correlate disparate data. Along with software and services that reveal billing errors, Sage Management provides accurate physical site inventory audits