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Kevin Whitehurst, CEO & Co-Founder , MindglobalKevin Whitehurst, CEO & Co-Founder
Regardless of the industry, optimizing business processes, maximizing resource availability, and minimizing risk play a crucial part in a company's long-term success. But still, it's a gospel truth that a major part of it boils down to curtailing costs, which have a significant impact on virtually every company's bottom line. Especially, in a time when organizations are adjusting to the long-term effects of COVID-19, consumption of telecom services and controlling its cost remains to be a massive challenge. As a result, companies often end up overspending on mobile device management, wireless services, overlapping telephone networks, and numerous other services. Given the current business climate wherein work from home is the new norm, and ensuring robust internet network security and connectivity is undoubtedly a necessity—TEM (Telecom Expense Management) has become a sought-after solution. This is where Mindglobal excels.

As a leading enterprise technology management firm, Mindglobal has been successfully spearheading the strategic telecom expense management realm for the past 21 years. Right from procurement, mobile device management (MDM), inventory management, rate-plan, and spend-optimization to managed help desk support, Mindglobal is seamlessly getting businesses back to work in these unprecedented times. The company specializes in delivering holistic enterprise mobility management, fixed telecom, and cloud storage solutions to help companies optimize their IT and telecom expenses. Over the years, both Kevin Whitehurst and David Wise, as the Co-CEOs and Co-founders, have been the driving force for Mindglobal's business, processes, as well as technology development and operational strategies. "Our history as telecom consulting experts along with the knowledge gained over the past 21 years with the market changes has been valuable for us in creating, modifying, and improving our offerings to provide the best product and service in the market," asserts Whitehurst.

In terms of wireless telecom, Mindglobal offers flexible, reliable, and up-to-date communication opportunities within their clients’ business environment. The company effectively supports domestic and global enterprises to reduce costs and improve efficiency through real-time rate plan optimization, automated device procurement, and kitting and shipping. Besides, the company provides MDM support and offers an international help desk that's available 24/7 to help its clients' employees with their challenges around their mobile devices.Whitehurst exclaims that Mindglobal is way ahead of its competitors from a technical perspective due to its ability to perform extensive analysis and achieve huge cost savings for its clients. "We are leaders in the market when it comes to our approach to getting cost savings.

We are leaders in the market when it comes to our approach in achieving cost savings

Our approach involves utilizing technology as the best that is and be a leader in leveraging new technologies while also providing a highly responsive and unparalleled service to our clients," he adds.

Mindglobal offers its Mobile Intelligence Platform that enables better management across the enterprise—from employees to managers and beyond. The secure, web-based platform provides anytime, anywhere access to holistic wireless management solutions that improve control and strategic decision-making across even the most complex mobile program. The company applies proven analytics and processes through its Intelligence Platform, which allows it to make recommendations and reveal projected savings for clients. Moreover, Mindglobal offers insightful reporting by providing reports customized and tailored to the client’s requirements while highlighting their desired specific KPIs. All in all, the company leads its clients through the entire plan management lifecycle, right from inventory oversight to contract negotiation, validating invoices, as well as creating reports for total visibility. Additionally, Mindglobal helps its clients capture cost savings of 15-40 percent along the way.

Unlike its competitors, Mindglobal focuses on conducting monthly rate-plan reviews and modifications, which involve in-depth analysis of data around managing the contracts with the carriers, devices, associated billing, and other expenses. Through statistical predictive analysis, the company is able to predict the estimated expense for the next month and then accordingly modifies plans to save money for the client. “We have high level technicians and engineers that are continually working to not only develop our software but also our processes from a cost savings modelling perspective. Our service level agreements and average savings for customers on an ongoing basis are our biggest differentiators,” emphasizes Whitehurst. With its technology, experienced analysts, and customer support desk, the company is able to handle any issues instantly and provide the best possible service to clients.

Steering ahead, as bringing large volumes of telecom data from fixed, mobile, and cloud into a portal is a very complex and arduous task for developers and analysts, the company plans to leverage machine learning and AI within its data mapping and analysis tools. "We're really stepping into technologies around speech recognition to have natural conversations with the help desk end-user and certainly are pushing the limits to be the first in the market in handling those in a way that is defined to help the client in the best possible way," states Whitehurst. Besides, in order to better serve its customers, the company is continually improving its software capabilities and keeps on adding new features. "We are heavily investing in the R&D of how we operate as we believe it's critical to differentiate ourselves in the future," concludes Whitehurst.
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Kevin Whitehurst, CEO & Co-Founder

Mindglobal is leading the way in strategic telecom expense management by delivering leading-edge, holistic enterprise mobile and fixed telecom, and cloud expense management solutions