New Challenges for the New Normal

Rajiv Bawa, Chief Business Officer, Total Access Communication PLC [SET: DTAC]

Rajiv Bawa, Chief Business Officer, Total Access Communication PLC [SET: DTAC]

Digital Transformation growth

Over the last decade, the telecom landscape has entered a very significant period, in fact, this period is also referred to as the “Telecom Revolution”.

We believe we have officially entered a new paradigm shift from voice consumption era into data consumption era. 2020 is now a year of exponential growth in adoptions of digital transformation in every individual and business that was not foreseen at the start of 2020.

In fact, much of what we’re seeing today had originally been anticipated to arrive in 2022 or even 2023.

“Work from Anywhere” or “Work From Home” is now a force that is expediting businesses of all sizes to embrace technology to run their business, especially for SME to survive and succeed in this era. The quicker adjustments and adoptions you make, the higher chances of survival and success you will have.

IoT, Cloud and 5G the biggest trends in the Telecom industry

Facing a phenomenon of COVID-19, these three trends are leap-frogging their development across the globe. Businesses should do well to cope with an increase in digitalization and mobile communications by embracing new technologies and improve operational efficiency to serve their customers’ changes in needs.

For example, more and more organizations have embraced full or partial work-from-home policies for their employees during this pandemic situation. This has increased safety awareness in securely accessing data points and various cloud applications, such as video conferencing, collaboration, ERP, CRM, etc. in a reliable and performant manner.

To address this need, dtac business has launched “SmartConnect” the first ever Network-as-a-Service in Thailand that allows remote employees to access their sensitive business applications securely and reliably from anywhere, anytime.

I believe 5G will be a crucial enabler of more mobile technology and new solutions in the coming years and drive innovations across various business sectors.

However, we need to remember that 5G is not a service, but rather an ecosystem comprised of devices, networks, platforms, and applications.

5G is becoming a key part of most Telco’s strategy moving forward. However, based on the ecosystem development, spectrum situation and execution varies. dtac for example, has undertaken several initiatives to build the local 5G ecosystem by strategically deploying 5G sites on several industry verticals.

Moreover, we are also developing an expert pool of 5G solution providers to enable various IoT and building industrial automation use-cases using our local footprint and global expertise from Telenor Group. It should be noted that many 5G use-cases can also be delivered over 4G in a more cost-efficient manner as the 5G device ecosystem has yet to reach economy of scale.

Hence, a key priority from our side is to ensure a technology agnostic connectivity solution – whether it’s 5G or not – that solves customer pain points while being cost-effective and future-proof.

Customer Focused

At dtac Business we are extremely focused on these three areas in everything we do.

Firstly, always start with customer needs as a core of your business.

Secondly, the recent digital disruptions have shown its consequences in almost all the business sectors. The faster we embrace new technology, the more we are able to solve our customer demands and needs. Every business now needs to rethink of the way to operate in the most efficient way with the help of technology available in the market.

Lastly, develop an ecosystem of partners. The right partner can help you execute with more expertise, speed, and robustness in responding to the market, whether it is to develop a new product or service.

Our mantra is to create new, simple and innovative solutions by leveraging partners with a very clear focus on customer needs. This is how we believe we can empower Thai companies to run their businesses without worries.